Any fact is better
established by two or three
good testimonies than
by a thousand arguments.”
Marie Dressler

CLIENT Reviews

Palliser Oil and Gas
Kevin J. Gibson
President, CEO

"The Casting For Companies and Kolbe methodology has also proven to be valuable to me personally and to our organization from several perspectives. It has shown us that there are many different approaches to communications and problem solving. This has really helped me to understand and communicate with the group as a whole as well as with a number of people on the team who approach things differently than I do. Casting For Companies and Kolbe has given us a communications tool that every company and individual should have in their tool box. The Casting For Companies Team and Kolbe's Organization Synergy Reports are not only informative but insightful in their ability to predict how well a group will interact and where there is potential for conflict."

Compaq Canada
Patrick Waid
National Sales Director

Compaq chose Casting For Companies for their unique and thorough process, at which they find, screen and interview candidates. Casting For Companies helped Compaq by first defining specifically who it was they needed to hire. They needed to assess their technical knowledge, their sales skills, their work ethic and their ability to fit into Compaq's culture. Casting For Companies searched the marketplace for potential candidates that fit into Compaq's specific profile. Each candidate was then screened and interviewed by Casting For Companies Staff. The top candidates were selected for the start of the interview process. Compaq's management team showed up for the interviewing process and all of the detail work had been organized for them, making the interview process simple and seamless.