You don't earn
loyalty in a day.
You earn loyalty
Jeffrey Gitomer

Not Just Recruitment

Recruitment of the right people who bring new capability and growth opportunity is a significant return on investment for any company. Managers who hire need to take responsibility for the success of the new hire and to facilitate the cultural acclimatization. Leaders who fail to show appreciation and support for a new member of their team will reduce employee loyalty, especially within the first year.

Top-notch talent is a scarce commodity, and the limited contacts of in-house human resource departments cannot compare with the wide net cast by an executive or professional search practice.

Picture This Recruitment Scenario…

Your company is running like a well-rehearsed theater production. As the director, you have confidence in your team's ability to provide a stellar performance day after day. Your work has been branded as excellent. Now consider for a moment… What would your production look like if suddenly you lost a member of your "all star" team?

You have options. For example, you could fill the role yourself. However, that would leave your whole operation without your leadership and experience, and with investors and stakeholders in the audience, your brand and business reputation could be compromised. Outsourcing your recruitment to Casting For Companies will enable you to focus on your most important priorities and still maintain control of the hiring process. By delegating the recruitment details, you deliver the best returns for your stakeholders.

"Just Show Up." Let us take care of the rest.