is not a skill.
It's an attitude.”
Ralph Marston


We understand that each search brings unique challenges. Delegating the search process saves clients both time and valuable resources. We bring years of experience and organizational discipline to our process – our client's satisfaction and loyalty are the measure of our success.

Casting For Companies research delivers the most relevant, objective data. Powerful lead generation, automatic sourcing and tracking tools enable us to reach global audiences and provide access to a pipeline of world-class talent. For more than 30 years we have built and maintained key relationships and close partnerships with an extensive network of entrepreneurs and executives. We serve as ambassadors, advocates and business promoters. This network of vital resources enhances our ability to identify and secure exceptional talent compatible with our client's long-term goals.

Our independent analysis and customized strategies provide maximum results and an economical solution to the recruitment and retention of your company's most valuable asset, it's people.

Our Specialties

  • Formal briefing documents and presentation
  • Needs assessment, workgroup and exit interviews
  • Full market search
  • Resume screening
  • Reference checks
  • Management debriefing
  • Qualifying candidates
  • Candidate coaching
  • Candidate assessments
  • Offer and negotiation
  • Onboarding and integration
  • Retention coaching for all placements
  • We guarantee our services for one year
  • Ask us about our specialty program Coaching For Companies™