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The Company:
Location: Calgary (Foothills County), Alberta
Position: Senior Bookkeeper / Office Manager

Career Opportunity: We are looking for someone who stands out from the herd! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to join a well-established and family-oriented company, serving the Alberta community for 25 years. You can expect small town values and a country atmosphere as you step into a leadership role in a   Click to read more ...

The Company: Position Filled: Network Administrator

Career Opportunity: Casting For Companies is pleased to announce the successful placement of Rene Perez in the role of Network Administrator with geoLOGIC Systems. With an unprecedented amount of interest in the position, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all parties that participated in the search. It is   Click to read more ...

The Company:
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Position: Customer Solutions and Experience Manager

Career Opportunity: Think of the last time you had an above-and-beyond experience in customer service. Someone who knew their company’s software inside-and-out and left you feeling empowered, having been given the tools to move forward on your project. Sound like someone you know? If so, capture this opportuni   Click to read more ...

The Company:
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Position: Sales Strategist and Team Leader

Career Opportunity: Don’t miss an opportunity to be a part of fast-growing, mid-sized and privately held software company that is reshaping how businesses in Canada turn data into solutions. To accommodate an expanding market presence, a brand-new role has been created to mentor and coach the company’s sale   Click to read more ...

The Company:
Location: Calgary, AB
Position: Financial Advisor/ Planner

Career Opportunity: Be part of one of the most successful wealth management practices in the Calgary business community. Our client provides a full range of financial products and services to high net worth families, entrepreneurs and professionals who expect sophisticated planning and portfolio management expertise.   Click to read more ...

The Company: Placement - Announcement
Location: Calgary AB
Position: Chief Financial Officer

Career Opportunity: Casting For Companies is pleased to announce that David Hood, President and CEO of geoLOGIC Systems has hired Maxwell Lof as Chief Financial Officer. Congratulations, we wish you continued growth and success. Max Lof is a Senior Financial leader and successful entrepreneur with over 25 years of   Click to read more ...